Young Guitarists Summer Ensemble at SMA

07.16.18 to 07.20.18| 5:45 am - 7:45 pm

Sharon, MA US

Join our Young Guitarists Summer Ensemble and get a chance to work together with and meet other guitarists your age as well as experiencing some of the finest guitar instruction in fun and stimulating group sessions! Through group instruction, master classes and guitar exercises, young guitarists are offered the opportunity to experience making music together and have a taste of how much fun playing in an ensemble can be! Students will work together as they learn the importance of self discipline, goal setting and camaraderie. Recommended prerequisites to take this workshop: basic reading skill on the guitar, first position up until high a, 5th fret first string. Experience playing the guitar, basic grasp of music theory ( key signatures, scales, time signatures) - participants are also encouraged to bring in pieces of music they are currently working on, although it is not required. Along with their newly formed ensemble, the student will perform a concert at the end of their summer workshop.


Sharon MA