As you hear the tamburello pounding out the heartbeat of Newpoli’s music, the two singers start up a wild, frenetic dance, and you'll have a very hard time sitting still! Welcome to Newpoli live!

The group carries on a tradition that is so old it’s hard to date, performing music from the South of Italy laced with influences from all of the surrounding Mediterranean cultures. Originals are mixed with exciting arrangements of traditional music, the tempo is high, and the drama and passion in their blood can be heard in every note!

Their latest CD, Nun te vutà, features twelve tracks, six originals, six traditionals, and more then a dozen handcrafted indigenous instruments played by eight talented musicians. It’s an album that deals with contemporary topics with the help of traditional sounds.

"solid musicianship and a serious and respectful approach to southern Italian folk traditions...Marsico and Rossi (are) visual and musical cynosures with their contrasting looks and twining vocal lines"
- PopMatters, US

"a brilliant outfit...who grab southern Italian traditional music by the neck and recast it in a dramatic style." - Songlines, UK
"passion and excitement"
- fRoots, UK

"Newpoli Whirl Through the Rich, Edgy Kaleidoscope of Southern Italian Music"
- New York Music Daily, US

"their music exudes subtlety and depth as well as excitement"
- The Australian, Australia

"these musicians are extremely skilled and here definined the outlines of a revamped southern italian folk, both musically and sonically."
- Blogfoolk, Italy

"excellent album...singers Angela Rossi and Carmen Marsico are outstanding"
- Folker, Germany

“Nun te Vutà showcases the impassioned vocals, stirring melodies and trance-like rhythms of the ecstatic traditions from southern Italy."
- (Editor’s Pick) World Music Central, US

"…an hour of uninterrupted joy." - World Music Review, Canada
"With a high octane party sound surrounding them, this crew is ready for an assault on the future. Hot stuff that marries chops and vision in a killer way."
- Midwest Record, US

"…one of the most exciting things I’ve heard this year"
- INDIEcent Exposure, US

“…one of the most fervent releases of the year" - Jazz Weekly, US
"Italy's Newpoli group brings us a swirling mix of tunes that are definitely vibrant and showy with lush melodies and rhythms, along with fanciful vocal displays."
- Inside World Music, US

“5 Stars, I loved it!"
- Celebrity Cafe, US

"a disc that overflows with passions, their most powerful, compelling, and emotional record yet."
- LineaTrad, Italy